Anemismata Apartments



This year, we propose an alternative Easter holiday week: a Yoga Retreat in the beautiful Cycladic island of Tinos, in the Aegean Sea, Geece!
We have the opportunity to escape from everyday life for a few days of relaxation, rejuvenation and detoxification, combined with introduction / emersion in Yoga, as an exercise for the mind and the body, as well as a life’s philosophy.
The Retreat will be housed at the traditional rooms “Anemismata Apartments” and the accommodation will be by two persons, in two-room apartments.
Excellent Mediterranean vegetarian food with pure, locally produced, fresh materials, free time for relaxation with the possibility of exploring the unique interior and the beaches of the island, getting to know new people with a common vision and goals and positive energy and, above all, a full Yoga program (which refers to corresponding Retreats in India) by an inspired Teacher, make the conditions for a unique experience that can lead to a life changing experience.
Our hostess at “Anemismata” is Miranda, a musician, graphic designer, physical education teacher, traveller, cinephile, mom and yogini, who, along with her Tinian partner, runs the family business.
Her love for Tinos and the life-changing experience she had on a trip for Yoga in India, inspired her to create the project “Tinos (Re)Treats”, which aims to propose Retreats of various themes, combined with one or more activities, and the high-level gastronomy offered in Tinos.


8.00 – 10.00: Yoga Sadhana. Morning practice. We start the day refreshing body and mind with techniques of Hatha, Flow, Satkarmas (cleansing/detox techniques), pranayama, Vedic meditation.
10.30: Breakfast.
12.00 – 14.00: Yoga Seminars. Experiential seminars series, on various aspects of Yoga.
* One day of the Retreat, there will be a presentation of the Tattva Yoga Mudra Vigyan teachings, for the first time in Greece
14.00 – 18.00: Relaxation
18.00 – 20.00: Sun Salutations with Surya Namaskar. Getting acquainted with ancient Indian practices for facial health (Mukha Yoga). We’ll be experimenting with energy techniques (Kundalini Yoga) and enjoy deep relaxation (Yoga Nida) and guided meditation, accompanied by the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls
20.00: Dinner
21.00: Moon Salutations. Analysis of ancient Sanskrit texts of Yoga. Kirtan (yogic group singing)

On Easter Sunday, there will be a change in the programme, in order to celebrate the Greek Easter traditionally, in one of the hospitable villages of the island.


Tassos had been interested in the esoteric sciences and practices from an early age, but it was the profound teachings of Yoga, and especially Karma Yoga, which transformed his life.
Devoted to the path, he deepened through different ways and approaches on Yoga and Meditation, the leading one being Vipassana Meditation, and studied Ancient Sanskrit Philosophy. As a musician, he deepened in Yoga singing (Kirtan) and Yoga of the transcendental sound (Nada Yoga). He has been certified by the Yoga Alliance, and his teaching combines the four main Yogas (Raja, Jnana, Karma, Bhakti).
He also leads with deep love meditation groups based on the ancient Vedic texts, as well as seminars for Yoga teachers, about unknown in Greece aspects of Yoga such as Tattva Yoga Mudra Vigyan. Moreover, considering the selfless action (Karma Yoga) as a key element for an effective development on the path, he teaches open courses for charity / non-profit purposes.
He believes that Yoga (union) does not occur only on the mat. It is a full-time job, by means of acting with awareness throughout the day.

Cost per person: 370 Euros.
The price includes:
Accommodation by two persons in two-room apartments for six nights / seven days.
Breakfast with rich buffet of local products: yogurt, fruit, cheese, jams, honey, all from the Cooperation of Tinos’ Producers.
A vegetarian Mediterranean three-course meal from fresh local products.
Nine hours of yoga daily.

Does not include:
Transportation to and away from Tinos.
Excursions and tours on the island (arranged on the spot, depending on the interest shown by the participants).

Price in single room: 470 Euros.

Information and reservations: 6937446222.

See the rooms here:

The Retreat starts on Thursday the 9th and ends on Tuesday the 14th.
Option of transportation to Tinos:
From Rafina: Thursday morning at 7.50 with the “Super Ferry”.
From Piraeus: Thursday morning at 7.35 with “Blue Star Paros”.